Satin Bronze Coming Soon!


Clean, elegant, simple design with smooth contours. Multiple sizes
include large pulls and appliance pulls.

Available in Natural Bronze, White Bronze, and Black Bronze.


Part No.DescriptionLengthWidthProjectionWeightSpec. SheetList Price
MIL-128128mm Pull5-3/8"3/8"1-1/4"4.5 ozPDF Link$69.00
MIL-160160mm Pull6-5/8"3/8"1-1/4"5.4 ozPDF Link$85.00
MIL-320320mm Pull12-3/8"7/16"1-1/2"12.2 ozPDF Link$159.00
MIL-457457mm Pull18-3/8"7/16"1-1/2"1 lb 2.2 ozPDF Link$395.00
MIL-38R38mm dia Round Knob1-1/8"1-1/8"1-1/4"4 ozPDF Link$45.00
MIL-38S38mm dia Square Knob1-1/8"1-1/8"1-1/4"4 ozPDF Link$45.00