By Verona Bronze

An original design in White Bronze and Natural Bronze that has polished sides, and a textured top surface that depicts the night sky—darkness accented with light.

Part No.DescriptionLengthWidthProjectionWeightSpec. SheetList Price
COS-128128mm Pull5-3/8"3/8"1-1/4"4.5 ozView$67.00
COS-160160mm Pull6-5/8"3/8"1-1/4"5.4 ozView$77.00
COS-305305mm Pull12-3/8"7/16"1-1/2"12.2 ozView$197.00
COS-457457mm Pull18-3/8"7/16"1-1/2"1 lb 2.2 ozView$329.00
COS-457/W457mm Wide Pull18-3/8"14/16"1-1/2"2 lb 4.4 ozView$497.00
COS-33S33mm dia Square Knob1-3/16"1-3/16"1-1/4"4 ozView$49.00
COS-33R33mm dia Round Knob1-1/2"1-1/2"1-1/4"4 ozView$49.00

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Part No.

COS-128, COS-160, COS-305, COS-457, COS-457/W, COS-33R, COS-33S


Natural Bronze (NB), White Bronze (WB)