Techno Aluminum

Techno is a decorative hardware collection from Italy. Each piece is cast in aluminum and then hand painted in enamel to achieve a bright, glossy finish with a vibrant black and white design.


Part No.DescriptionLengthWidthProjectionWeightSpec. SheetList Price
8001White with Black Abstract Knob1.4"1"1"1 ozPDF Link$35.00
8002 White with Black Checker Knob1.3"1"1"1 ozPDF Link$35.00
8003 White with Checker Pull6.3"1"1"4 ozPDF Link$70.00
8004White with Black Oval Knob2"1"1"1 ozPDF Link$35.00
8005 White with Black Oval Pull7.5"1"1"4 ozPDF Link$70.00
8071Single Rocker5-7/16"3-3/4"5/16"4 ozPDF Link$48.00
8072 Double Rocker5-7/16"5-7/16"5/16"6 ozPDF Link$68.00
8073 Triple Rocker5-7/16"7-1/4"5/16"8 ozPDF Link$88.00
8074 Quadruple Rocker5-7/16"9-3/16"5/16"10 ozPDF Link$118.00
8077 Duplex Receptacle Plate5-7/16"3-3/4"5/16"4 ozPDF Link$48.00
8081 Single Toggle5-7/16"3-3/4"5/16"4 ozPDF Link$48.00
8082 Double Toggle5-7/16"5-7/16"5/16"6 ozPDF Link$68.00
8083 Triple Toggle5-7/16"7-1/4"5/16"8 ozPDF Link$88.00
8084 Quadruple Toggle5-7/16"9-3/16"5/16"10 ozPDF Link$119.00
8087 Single Toggle/Duplex Receptacle5-7/16"5-7/16"5/16"6 ozPDF Link$68.00
8088 Single Toggle/Rocker Receptacle5-7/16"5-7/16"5/16"6 ozPDF Link$68.00
8089 Double Toggle/Duplex Receptacle5-7/16"7-1/4"5/16"8 ozPDF Link$88.00
8090 Double Toggle/Rocker Receptacle5-7/16"7-1/4"5/16"8 ozPDF Link$88.00

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